About Me


Hi, I’m Dale!

28 years old. Graduate of the University of Illinois. Marathoner. Social Media Marketer. Endurance Coach. VDOT Certified Running Coach. Certified Yoga Teacher. Coffee Lover. NASM Certified Personal Trainer….and many other things.

I fell in love with running my Freshman year of college. One of my best friends ran cross country in high school and when we got to college she wanted me to start running with her so we would stay in shape. I hated running. I actually quit soccer in high school because of all the running (which is hilarious now). We signed up for a 4 mile Turkey Trot in November 2011 and since that day I have been hooked.

I have now run 31 half marathons, 14 full marathons, two ultra marathons, and a handful of 10 milers, 10Ks, and 5Ks. I love racing. The training is the hard part. You put in all the hard work over months of training and then the race is the celebration.

I love talking to people about running. If you have any questions or are seeking advice please don’t hesitate to ask. I also offer personal 1:1 run coaching if you’re interested. You can follow me on Instagram @marathonerdale and email me at marathonerdale@gmail.com!

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Dale! I follow you on Instagram. Thanks for all of your insight on running. I’m doing my first marathon in November. How do you decide your pre/post race and training eating? I’d like to get a lot better with nutrition to recover better. Any advice would be great. Keep up the good work and great posts!!

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    1. Hi Cathy! Thanks for following! I appreciate it. I had to test a lot of different options for my pre/post race eating to know what would work. Just a banana is best for me before running. And I make sure to refuel with electrolytes and real foods after. My best advice is to put good things in! And test a few different things to see what works best for you personally.


  2. Hey Dale! I love your instagram! I run often, but I find nursing school gets in the way of a consistent training schedule. Do you have any tips for fitting in running around a crazy busy schedule? Also, I put my name in for the Chicago Marathon lottery and will find out Tuesday. Exciting stuff!


  3. Hi Dale – just watched your video again of Manly to Bondi. I did Bondi to Manly on Sunday, but just walked. I so know what you mean about sore feet!! But well done for putting the video together.


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