So we all know what is going on in the world. I didn’t end 2019 anticipating April of 2020 to begin like this, but none of us did. I’ll keep this short: I’m okay. Not every day is good. Not every day is bad. I am finding something to be grateful for every day (even on the days I cry multiple times). We’re all in this together. And any way you’re feeling today is okay. But I wanted to share some ways I am distracting myself. Here’s a short list of some things I am listening to, reading, watching, etc. Hope you find something from it that you’ll enjoy too. Hang in there xx. 

A few things I’m listening to:

  • Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us Podcast. I just started this new series a couple days ago. LOVED her episode on FFTs. And I just finished the episode on comparative suffering today. Really relevant and uplifting. Big Brene fan. 
  • The XX first album. This album brings me comfort, always has. I turn to music in hard times and I like to return to albums and artists I have loved for a long time.
  • Addie’s ‘a sense of calm’ playlist. I also love a good calming mix of songs I might not be all too familiar with. Addie’s latest playlist is really great. 

A few things I’m watching:

  • Bon Appetit YouTube Channel (always). Gourmet Makes and anything with Chris is a definite mood booster. And love that they’re offering home video content during isolation! This team is pretty amazing. We’ve been cooking up so many of their recipes too. But even if you don’t cook, it’s fun to just watch their videos. 
  • Ozark. (On Netflix). Just started season one since it’s trending and I’m enjoying it. I’ve always liked Jason Bateman. Season three just came out this week!
  • Tiger King. (Also on Netflix). I had to with everyone talking about it. And honestly I have no words for this except…WHAT?! There’s only one season with seven episodes, so if you are into it, it flies by. 

A few things I’m reading:

  • Atomic Habits. I purchased this book (which I rarely do since I’m a big library person) because Jake recommended it to me and said it was life changing. If I’m going to read a life changing book, I need a pen or highlighter in hand. I’m about 100 pages in so far and really enjoying it. 



  • Nina is Not Ok. Just finished this fictional story. I randomly picked it up from the library a couple of weeks ago because the cover said it was ‘laughable’ and ‘hilarious’. I wanted something light-hearted. And this is not. Sure, there’s some humor. But it’s the story of a 17 year old alcoholic and her struggles. I didn’t find it really funny, but I liked the characters and read it really quickly. 
  • Alpha Girls. My up next read about the women of Silicon Valley. Excited for it!

A few workouts I’m loving:

  • Studio Three IG Lives. Three a day! I have been doing a combo of strength and yoga. I attended Studio Three in Chicago for classes shortly after they opened over 4 years ago and every week since until I moved to AUS. I’ve been missing these classes and the people like crazy, so the chance to take classes with them again (virtually) right now is a big reason to be grateful for me. I’ve loved Court, Heather, and Jen’s body weight strength circuits, Mar, Lauren and Katy’s yoga flows. I could name every instructor. They’re all amazing! I love that Studio Three is doing this. 
  • Melissa Wood Method. I always do a few of her workouts a week. Usually a quick abs, flow, or arm series. I love that I can do these at home and fit them in before or after a run. I pay the $9.99 a month and definitely think it’s worth it!
  • Mobility with Jake. I also regularly work with Jake, but he sends me videos to ‘take class’ with him right now too since we’re in different countries. We do a lot of mobility and strength work. I love having the direction. And the extra time for mobility right now is a very good thing for me!

A few other random things that are entertaining me:

  • The NYTimes daily crossword mini. These are free and there’s a new one every day. I love them! Kyle and I race. And I’ve recently challenged my Mom too (but she’s like TOO good). It’s a fun push notification to look forward to every day. 
  • Doodling and coloring. Before entering quarantine I bought a giant sketch pad and some markers. I have drawn more in the last few days than probably the last 10 years. It’s something fun and relaxing. 
  • Perfecting my cup of Chemex coffee. I always wanted to be that kind of person that makes GREAT coffee at home. I was okay before, but I wouldn’t practice that often because I love to go out to coffee shops. Now, I’m practicing a lot. And I think I’m getting pretty good. 
  • Beating Kyle at Bananagrams. This was the only game I brought with me from Chicago to AUS and I am glad I did. I am a huge word nerd, so I love this game. 
  • Getting approval for a rescue dog!! We’re a few weeks into this process. Tentatively approved and waiting to get matched with a dog. I am SO excited. 


I hope you found something on this list to check out. And I’m just here to say hang in there, you’re doing great, and it will be okay. ❤ 

quarantine days doodle



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