Favorite Moments of 2019

It is hard for me to believe we are almost at the end of 2019. This time of year is often my favorite because it is a chance to set new goals for the new year. But I never look ahead without first reflecting on the past. The good and the bad. I set goals every year very well knowing I will not achieve them all. And I also do some things each year I had no idea I wanted to do. It’s cool to be working on yourself always, but I think it is also really important to be proud of what you have accomplished too. So, before talking 2020 plans I want to look back at 2019.

The craziest, most memorable, big-leap kind of year I have ever had. It deserves some reflection because I often feel like “what just happened?!” I could write about this year for hours and hours. I’ll save you. But I am going to share some of my favorite moments from the year. I’ll call them ‘fitness moments’ as this is a running blog most of the time, but they really are just life moments.

Running my first half marathon without looking at my watch, adding a new state to my 50 state goal, and setting a PR.

My coach challenged me to go into this race without glancing at my watch – at all. I thought it was crazy, but I did it. I tucked my Garmin under my sleeve and I ran entirely off of feel. It was the best half I ever had. PR’d by over 3 minutes while exploring a new city and then meeting new running friends. It was an amazing birthday weekend! I always love these February trips to knock off a new state.


Returning to Boston for my second Boston Marathon. 

No words really for Boston Marathon weekend. I will never feel anything but proud and grateful when I get to run from Hopkington to Boston. The energy in this city on the day and all weekend is incredible. I got to run along side some of my favorites. And I had SO much fun.

Traveling to Denmark, running the Copenhagen Marathon, PR-ing my marathon time, and getting engaged.

What a trip. I loved Copenhagen for so many reasons, but I’ll always love it for holding my first international marathon finish line and where I got my fiance. I had never felt such pure happiness as I did on May 19th, 2019. It was the best day of my life.


Running my first beer mile.

Never had I ever thought I would run a beer mile, but this summer Jake convinced me. I made it a point this year to not say no to things just because they scared me. So, I went. I ran a 7:10, I didn’t throw up, and I got to slide through an inflatable slip n’ slide to end it. Such a fun day and I am SO glad I got out of my comfort zone and tried. it.


Becoming an Ultra Marathoner, seeing one of my best friends run 50 miles, and a weekend full of happiness with my people. 

Another favorite weekend of the year, the first weekend of August when Lexi and I became ultra marathoners. This was something I did not think I would do in 2019, but Lex convinced me. We had the most incredible support system with us and we did the dang thing. I’ll always remember crying across that 50K finish line feeling so proud of my independence and crying when Lex came in after 50 miles because I was so proud of hers. We’re lucky we have the best support systems, but also it’s nice to remind ourselves that we do okay on our own. This day was the BEST.


Having a private yoga class send off from Katy.

I had a lot of favorite yoga moments in 2019 too, but the best was Katy’s small private class send off for me in Chicago. Katy is the brightest light and the reason I got into yoga in the first place. To have one last class with her was really important to me. She even read my favorite Cleo Wade poem at the end of class and we both cried. It’s a morning I won’t forget. Thank you, Katy.


Spending my last ‘Chicago Day of Fun’ with my run squad. 

We had a few send offs, an Evanston sleepover, a Gilt Bar final goodbye and a day after Chicago Marathon ‘day of fun’. I don’t know where I would be without this group. On October 14th we started the day with a photo shoot with my friend Aaron (sadly without Cait & Jenny) and we went to the zoo lot to run a last 800 meter rep to celebrate what brought me all of these friendships in the first place. It was a day I’ll remember.

2019 - run squad 22019 - run squad 12019 - run squad 32019 - run squad 4


I have a lot more I could share. I’m grateful for all the experiences of 2019. I worked at a nonprofit I loved, I officially started coaching endurance athletes, I planned a wedding, I lived alone (for the first time) for 5 months, I packed up my Chicago apartment after 4 years and I moved across the world with just a few suitcases to a place I had never even visited. If you had told me in January 2019 I would be living in Australia as I was writing my year recap I would have said “good joke”, but sometimes you just have to make the leap when life presents you with an opportunity. I am glad I did. I am proud of myself for going for it and making the most of 2019. And I cannot wait to see what 2020 has to offer.

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