Chicago Marathon Training: Week Eight (35.40 miles)

We’re almost half way there! This week had one of my strongest long runs yet and left me feeling really positive about this training cycle. 

Here’s the week breakdown:

Monday – 4 miles

I opted for shorter mileage today than planned. Just 4 miles, but my legs felt pretty good! 

Tuesday – 7.09 miles + Cyclebar class

I split this 60 minute easy run in half with a cycling class in the middle. 30 minutes before. 50 minute cycling class at Cyclebar. 30 minutes after. I actually really liked this combination and it was a great way for me to get everything in. 

Wednesday – 8.32 miles (speed workout)

I think this was the best speed workout I’ve had so far this training cycle!! It was the ladder – one of my favorites. 200m x 4, 400m x 2, 800m x 1, 1600m x 1, 800m x 1, 400m x 2, 200m x 4. Every single rep was sub 7 minute average pace except for the mile in the middle which we clocked at a 7:04. This was a tough speed workout, but I felt so strong. Running fast is fun. With warm up and cool down it was 8.32 miles. 

Thursday – Hot Yoga AM + Cycle PM

Cross training day habit has become hot yoga in the morning and a cycling class in the evening at Studio Three. I love both of these types of classes and don’t like to choose, so I do both. They both help me in different ways and are a great compliment to my running. 

Friday – Rest day

Added a rest day to Friday this week since I wanted some more rest. It helps me to be flexible with my schedule. 

Saturday – 16 miles

Longest run since my marathon in April!! 16 miles with the girls at 8:06 average pace. I was surprised with how great I felt during this entire run. I love that we can chat and run 8 minute miles as a comfortable pace. Running with friends help the long runs go by quick and they push me to hold the pace.  I was smiling all day after this run. I got back my confidence. 

Sunday – Rest day 

Still took my planned rest day because my body needed it. It’s okay to listen! 

I felt confident throughout week 8. I felt more like myself. I was reminded of why I love marathon training so much. This week held my best speed workout and long run of the training cycle so far and I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks hold. 

Week 8 – 35.40 miles 

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