Chicago Marathon Training: Week Three (34.47 miles)

Week three is a wrap! This was the best running week I’ve had since March. I completed all my scheduled workouts  completely pain free. And I can’t even express the happiness this brings me. I honestly love to be marathon training. 

Here’s my week breakdown:

Monday – 6.50 miles (tempo run) + Cycle class + Physical Therapy 

Talk about a busy Monday. I meant to get my run in before work, but I didn’t get up. So my tempo run didn’t happen until 8:30 PM. I had physical therapy from 6-7 PM. Then I met Kyle at Studio Three for the Kendrick theme ride. 45 minutes of cycling and then I set out for my run. My legs were tired after PT and class, but I still managed to get it done. 6.50 miles total with warm up, cool down, and a 3 mile tempo at 7:40 average. I was proud of myself for still making time for everything. 

Tuesday – 5.05 miles

Easy 45 minutes in the AM at 8:54 pace. My legs were sore and I felt like I had just run, but I knew I needed to get it done early and I’m glad I did. Learning to love the easy miles. 

Wednesday – 9.15 miles (speed workout)

Speed workout after work with the team. Workout was 1 min on, 1 min off. 16 reps. With my long warm up and a cool down it ended up being over 9 miles at 8:09 average pace. All “on” minutes were between 6:41 and 7:10 average pace. I actually felt fast at the end of this workout which was refreshing. 

Thursday – Rest + Physical Therapy 

Took today as a rest day besides my one hour of physical therapy in the morning. Lots of hip and ankle strengthening! 

Friday – 5.08 miles

45 easy minutes. 8:51 pace. I ran from work to the Burnham Harbor for Country Lakeshake. It was beautiful out and it was the perfect way to commute. I did have a bathroom emergency that ended up with me running into a construction zone…oops. But hey it happens. 

Saturday – 8.69 miles

Long run with the group at 8:01 average pace. We took the first 4 easy and did the last 4 miles at race pace (7:45-7:50). I was definitely really tired, but the run flew by with the company and I was grateful for the cut back week. 

Sunday – Yoga Flow 75 

I ended my weekend with Katy’s 75 minute yoga flow at Studio Three. My legs were tight, but I felt much better by the end of class. It’s my favorite way to wrap up my Sunday!! 

The fact that I made it through this week without any pain or freakouts was a huge win. I’m sore, I’m tired, but I’m happy. Bring on week four!

Week three – 34.47 miles 

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