Chicago Marathon Training: Week One (25.18 miles) & Week Two (21.85 miles)

I’m officially in training mode again and to be honest I’m scared. I’m scared of getting injured again. I’m scared of feeling out of shape. I’m scared of jumping back in too quickly. But for me this new training cycle is a chance to change what I can and put all I have learned in the past couple months to the test. I am taking care of my body and I am feeling grateful for every mile I can run.

My goal for this marathon training cycle? Get to the start line feeling strong and healthy. I’m easing in and I’m listening to my body every step of the way.

Here’s what the first two weeks of training looked like:

Week One (June 5th – 11th)

Monday – 4.50 miles (tempo run)

First attempt at some speed since before my injury. I was a little nervous going in. I ran 1.5 miles to warm up. Then did a 1.5 mile tempo run at 7:43 average and a 1.5 mile cool down. I was supposed to do a 3 mile tempo and a total of 6 miles, but I cut the workout down to make sure I was feeling okay.

Tuesday – 1.65 miles + PT

I had an early morning physical therapy appointment so I ran there. She said I still seemed like I was in the clear as far as Achilles inflammation went, but that she wanted me to take it easy the rest of the day. So I jogged home slowly for a total of 1.65 miles and called it a day.

Wednesday – Hot yoga class AM + 5.06 miles PM

Global Running Day!! I woke up feeling great Wednesday morning. I went to Corepower Yoga to take a hot yoga class at 6:30 AM and loved starting my day off on the right foot. After work I ran up to Fleet Feet for Global Running Day festivities. Ended up running 5.06 miles at 8:37 pace and felt great the whole run.

Thursday – Cycle 45

6 AM cycling class at Studio Three for my cross training day this week. I love getting up and getting it done so the rest of my evening is open. I used the time to get a massage and I felt much better afterwards because of it. Really trying to take care of my body!

Friday – 4.87 miles + PT

I had PT during my lunch break and she said I was still doing well, so I decided to do my 45 minute easy run after work. I was excited to hit the trails at home and about 8 minutes into my run it started down pouring. I love a good rainy run, but I couldn’t even see because the rain was coming down so hard. So, I made a stop at my parent’s house, grabbed a hat and went back out. I got in my full 45 minutes easy at 9:15 pace for a total of 4.87 miles and I had a huge smile on face by the end of it. Running gets me outside at times I otherwise would stay indoors, and I’m always grateful for that.

Saturday – 9.10 miles 

Since I was in the suburbs I had to do this long run alone, but I still really enjoyed it. I listened to music, enjoyed not having to deal with the crowded city streets and just cranked out my miles. 9.10 miles at 8:29 pace. I finally felt strong again. It was the kind of run where I had to constantly try to slow myself down and I loved it.

Sunday – Yoga Flow 75

I still didn’t have any Achilles pain when I woke up Sunday morning, so I decided to go tp yoga for some extra cross training and stretching on Sunday night. Katy’s class at Studio Three is my favorite so any day I can make it is a good day. Jen came with me and we laughed more during class than I ever have during yoga. It was so much fun and my legs needed the stretching (also was crazy how sore my arms were the next day)!

Week one: 25.18 miles

Overall, I was really happy with this first week. I got in the miles and still made adjustments for my injury recovery. I will continue going to physical therapy twice a week for the foreseeable future, so I will keep taking the advice into consideration and being realistic about my training and my comeback.

Week two was a little more difficult than week one.

Week Two (June 12th-18th)

Monday – 5.64 miles (hill repeats)

It was 90 degrees for this workout, so I was really happy to have a running buddy. Cait picked me up after work and we went up to Cricket Hill to do our hill repeats. We ran a 15 minute warm up, 6 sets of hills with water stops in-between, and a 15 minute cool down. It definitely was tough in the heat and I felt really thirsty the entire time, but I was happy we toughed it out. 5.64 miles at 8:17 pace.

Tuesday – 3.17 miles + PT

I didn’t feel great Tuesday morning, so I slept in. My Achilles was bothering me a little at work, so I called PT and scheduled an evening appointment. I ran 30 easy minutes at 9:28 average pace right before the appointment to see how it felt. I wouldn’t say I had “pain” but there was discomfort. I saw a different PT and he said he didn’t see any huge red flags, but that it was good I was being cautious.

Wednesday – Rest

I honestly felt sick to my stomach all day on Wednesday. I don’t know if it started with my anxiety about my Achilles hurting again or an actual stomach bug, but either way I felt horrible. I decided to take the rest day and let myself relax.

Thursday – Hot Yoga AM + Cycle 45

I went to Katy’s Hot Power Flow class at 6 AM for part one of my cross training. I actually felt pretty strong in class and was happy I decided to get up and go. Then in the evening I took a 45 minute cycling class. I was nervous I’d feel Achilles pain during it, but I surprisingly didn’t.

Friday – Rest + PT

I decided to take another rest day to be extra cautious. I am ready to be training again and I don’t want to do anything to risk my ability to run. I had PT in the morning and she said that my Achilles was definitely red/irritated, but that it seemed superficial. Almost like a skin reaction? SO random. And I feel like it is too much of a coincidence for that to happen in the exact same spot I experienced the strain, but I guess it was still good news. She said to run like normal and try not to stress about it.

Saturday – 10.83 miles

I didn’t get enough sleep before the long run, but I was happy to be able to show up and run with my friends so I powered through. My Garmin died during my half mile warm up to the meeting spot and I didn’t exactly feel great, but the miles went by quickly. 10.83 miles at 8:20 average pace. I love having a group to run with and being done by 8:15 AM! And I didn’t feel a twinge of pain in Achilles. Shocked and relieved.

Sunday – 2.21 miles + Yoga Flow 75

New shoes meant I had to run a little bit to test them out. 20 easy minutes at 9:04 pace right before yoga. I think I’ll like the Brooks Ghost 10’s a lot. So far, so good! And I ended my run at Studio Three for Katy’s 75 minute flow. My body felt sore, but nothing crazy and I felt better when class was done. It really is the best way to wind down the weekend.

Week two: 21.85 miles

I went a little off plan this week since I was anxious about my pain and fearing a halt in training already. Luckily, I am still doing okay. I know I am more aware to when something feels off now, but I don’t want to be overthinking every single little twinge. It’s a balance I’m going to have to find. Either way, it couldn’t have hurt to take a little extra rest this week to really ensure I’m ready to be training again. I feel good right now and I’m excited for the week ahead. I really just need to take it one day at a time.

I can say how happy I am to be following a plan and working toward another Chicago Marathon finish line (even with the hard days and the anxious days).

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