Camp BKB with CLIF! 

I made the goal to say “yes” more this year. Yes to new experiences. Yes to adventure. Yes to getting out of my comfort zone. 

I am the most comfortable when I’m running. I’m active in a lot of ways, but running is definitely my thing. Who says I can’t find some new favorites? Rock climbing intimidates me because I’m not a natural, but I always have the most fun when I try new things. 

Camp BKB with CLIF this past Friday gave me the chance to explore and “climb a different way.” It’s not always about the direct path. Sometimes it seems to be the easy route, but do you really get the most out of taking the easy route? I don’t. Life is definitely not linear which is why I don’t approach things that way. Climbing is fun because it’s challenging and you always have the option to go your own way. The goal is the same: reach the top. But no one tells you exactly how to get there. 

It was so much fun for me to spend a Friday night surrounded by people who want to challenge themselves, but still have fun. Fun is key. I still need more practice to get really comfortable with climbing, but I know I get a little better each time. 

The timing of this event was perfect (nicely done CLIF) because it was Earth Day on April 22nd and we talked a lot about sustainability. My favorite part of the night was the storytelling from adventurers who truly appreciate the outdoors and the planet we live on. 

I am so grateful for trail running and beautiful forests. I would be devastated if I lost the opportunities to go explore nature. Our planet is the only one we have and we need to take care of it. A major takeaway for me from one of the stories was the phrase “We all live here.” There are many different ways to take it, but I like the idea of it talking about our planet. We all find happiness here, go on adventures here, find new interests here. We should all work together to take care of our home. One way we can take care of our planet is to support companies or brands with sustainability values. 

CLIF is a favorite brand of mine because of what they stand for (and their great products of course). They want everyone to “Think like a tree.” Their approach to sustainability can be summed up in those four words. From field to final product everything is eco-friendly – you can’t beat that! CLIF is working to “Sustain Our Planet” and we can help. Little actions add up to big ones. 

How can you help sustain our planet? It’s okay to start small. Recycle your wrappers. Walk or bike to work instead of driving. Start a garden. Anything you can do to show our planet some love! 

Thankful to have CLIF helping to keep our planet sustainable and for feeding my adventures. 

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