Nashville Marathon Training: Week Twelve (51.25 miles)

Highest mileage week of this training cycle yet! This week was tough. My legs are tired and I had a lot of work to put in, but I didn’t skip a single mile. I think the weeks I’m most proud of are the weeks I get in everything on the plan and I feel satisfied with my effort. Plans work for me. 

Here’s the weeks breakdown:

Monday – 6 miles

This run didn’t start until 8:30 PM. It wasn’t really what I had planned, but I didn’t get up with my alarm in the morning and I had a busy day. If I wasn’t training for this marathon I would have skipped this run, but my goals keep me accountable. I ran 2 miles on the treadmill while I waited for Kyle to get home from work and then we ran 4 together outside. I was so glad he joined me so it was safe to get outside. We had an 8:19 average pace and it was a fun way to end a Monday. 

Tuesday – 8 miles + Cycle class

I ran 8 miles right from work at 8:19 average pace again. I barely had time to sneak it in before my cycling class at Studio Three, but I made it work. I took Sayre’s Rave Ride with Kyle and it was so much fun. My legs surprisingly felt strong during class after the run. 

Wednesday – 9.25 miles (speed workout)

The Yasso 800 Test. It always scares me. I was dreading it all day because I wasn’t sure I was going to see improvements in my paces from last training cycle and I wasn’t looking forward to doing it alone, but I got out there anyway. It was windy and cold…not ideal, but I felt okay. My average pace for the 10 reps of 800 meters? 3:20. I was shocked. I literally teared up at the end of this run because I’m so proud of myself. It’s an amazing feeling to work hard and see improvement. 

1.50 mile warm up 

800 meter reps – 3:30, 3:20, 3:21, 3:24, 3:24, 3:18, 3:16, 3:15, 3:17, 3:14

1.38 mile cool down 

9.25 miles total at 7:43 average pace. I couldn’t have asked for a better speed workout. We’ll see if Yasso is right again and I run faster than a 3:33 marathon.

Thursday – Torch class (2 miles) + 6 miles

5:45 AM Torch class to start the day. Covered 2 miles during treadmill intervals plus the strength and rowing. I left class a little early so I could get the rest of my mileage in. 6 more easy miles along the lake and I was done for the day. Always love getting it done before work!

Friday – Rest day

A much needed complete, planned rest day. My legs NEEDED it. 

Saturday – 20 miles! (10 at GMP)

20 miles of Barrington hills at 8:06 average pace!! I’m still in awe of this run. It was pouring rain for a lot of the run. We were wet, tired, sore. The last 10 miles were at goal race pace: 7:50-8:00 average. It was tough. But we got it done. Seeing that 8:06 average pace for the entire run caused my jaw to drop. My hips were tight and I was ready to be done, but I was able to do it. And this was a training run. My race should be faster, right? It’s crazy to me how my easy pace and my long run pace have both gotten faster during this training cycle. It’s the hardest I’ve ever worked, but I have a feeling it will pay off on race day. These hills have been some of the hardest hills I’ve ever run, but they’re the best way to prepare for the Nashville hills. 

Sunday – Cycle class + Yoga Flow 75

Sunday is my cross training day. Taking a cycling class and then a yoga class this evening. Planning on taking it easy and just stretching out my legs. Happy to end the week like this!

This week was a good one, a hard one, and a fun one. I’m constantly surprised by how much stronger my running is getting and I owe a lot of it to the Fleet Feet Boston 365 group. Making the decision to run a spring marathon and train with these athletes was one of my best decisions. I couldn’t be happier or more excited to take on Nashville with these girls in 5 weeks. 

Week 12 – 51.25 miles 

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