Nashville Marathon Training: Week Eleven (45 miles)

Another amazing week of preparing for the Nashville Marathon came and went. I’m getting so excited for race day. I’ve never felt this strong during a training cycle and I know all this hard work will be worth it.

Here’s the weekly breakdown:

Monday – 4 miles

4 quick miles at 8:38 average pace after work. I was supposed to run 9 miles today, but I couldn’t pull myself out of bed in the morning and had limited time for a run after work. Was it the mileage I was supposed to do? No. Was I mad about it? No. I never think it’s worth it to beat yourself up over missed runs or lower mileage. Get in what you can. A few miles is always better than zero miles.

Tuesday – Cycle class AM + 6.30 miles PM

It was snowing like crazy in Chicago so I opted for a 6 AM cycling class at Studio Three instead of a morning run. I wanted to get my miles in outside after work, but it was still really snowy and I decided the treadmill was a safer option. No need to risk an injury right now. Ran for one hour, 6.30 miles, 9:31 average pace. Sometimes easy recovery runs are actually my favorite. I just zoned out, listened to a podcast, and got the mileage in.

Wednesday – Torch class AM (2.1 miles) + 9.59 miles (speed work) PM

TOUGH DAY. I really pushed myself with both of these workouts. Totaled 11.69 miles for the day which is a lot during a weekday for me. I took a Torch class at Studio Three at 5:45 AM. Got in 2.1 miles during the treadmill intervals plus the 40 minutes of rowing and strength circuits. Always a tough workout, but such a great way for me to get strength training in. Then I had my speed workout with the group after work. The workout was 10 minute reps at 10-15 seconds faster than marathon pace with 5 minute recovery jogs in between reps. Warm up + cool down. Ended up being 9.59 miles at 8:09 average. 10 minute rep average paces: 7:42, 7:34, 7:27. Really happy with our speed during this one. We just chit chatted during it and didn’t even feel like we were running very fast…that’s the best kind of workout.

Thursday – Rest day

I moved my rest day to today instead of Friday because Wednesday kicked my butt. I woke up feeling so tired and so sore and knew I needed to take the rest. It’s so worth it to listen to your body.

Friday – 6 miles AM + Cycle class PM

Normally I wouldn’t do another double workout day on a Friday before a long run, but I made an exception. I cut my run down from 8 miles to 6 miles and got it done before work. I felt relaxed and kept my pace at 8:40 average. Then I took an evening cycling class at Studio Three with Kyle. He suggested going for date night and I love that he’s wanting to go to classes, so we went. I took it easy…didn’t put my resistance up as high as I usually do. And we had so much fun. We were practically singing and dancing during class. It was worth it!

Saturday – 17 miles in Barrington!

Another amazing long run done with my Boston group around Barrington. We averaged an 8:14 pace and had a blast. The weather was mild and we all were happy to be there. It’s so nice to get out of the city for awhile and lose yourself in the run. These hills are brutal, but they’re prepping us for the hills in Nashville. I always think I’m going to need to slow down, but I really don’t. My long run pace has gotten much faster this year, but so will my race pace. I know these long runs are getting me where I want to be. And they really are so much fun!

Sunday – Cycle class + Yoga Flow 75

My favorite way to spend my cross training day. Took a cycling class at 4 PM and then took Yoga Flow at 5:15 PM. It’s a great combo. I leave the studio feeling so relaxed, renewed, and ready for a new week of training. This cross training has helped my training this cycle SO much.

I missed a few miles this week, but I’m still happy with the 45 total. I am working much harder than I used to during training and I think it’s okay if my mileage is a little lower. I’m shocked at how quickly these weeks have been going by, but I’m ready to get to that start line. We’re 6 weeks out.

Week 11 = 45 miles

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