Nashville Marathon Training: Week Nine (43.25 miles)

Nine weeks down, eight to go. These weeks are flying by, but this week was tough for my tired legs. All of these miles and cross training classes are a little exhausting, but I just have to keep pushin’ until it’s taper time. I know it will get here even more quickly than I think.

Here’s my week breakdown:

Monday – Torch Class AM (2 miles) + 5 miles PM

5:45 AM Torch class at Studio Three to kick off week nine of training. Covered 2 miles of running during treadmill intervals plus strength and rowing. Saved my last 5 miles for after work so I could run on the treadmill during The Bachelor. It was a good way to keep my pace easy and just log the miles.

Tuesday – Core Yoga Class + 4 miles AM

One hour yoga class at ENRGi with a focus on core directly followed by 4 easy miles. I barely had time to squeeze this all in before work, but I made it happen. I love yoga classes so much more than I used to. I still don’t feel particularly flexible or strong during them, but I know it has helped my recovery throughout this training cycle so much.

Wednesday – Cycle Class AM + 4.25 miles PM (speed work)

6 AM cycling class at Studio Three…with Kyle! He wanted to go all on his own and I was happy to have a buddy in the morning. Then after work I had my Racing Team speed workout. It was shorter mileage than what I was supposed to do on my Boston group plan, but I wanted to participate in the relay and get to know people. Three 800 meter reps with a looong rest in between, plus a warm up and cool down to bring me 4.25 miles. A shorter speed workout this week was probably good for my legs anyways. Feelin’ very tired lately.

Thursday – Target 6 Strength Class + 7 miles

Took a strength class at ENRGi before my run. I like doing strength before running because my legs feel more tired and I have to slow down my pace for my run. I’ve been trying really hard to keep my easy pace easy and this is a good way to make sure I do so. Came home after class and did 7 miles on the treadmill because I didn’t feel like running in the dark alone later at night. I don’t love treadmill running, but I’m happy it’s there when I need it.

Friday – Cycle Class AM

Switched my cross training to Friday since I knew I was going to be at a conference out of town all day on Sunday and wouldn’t be able to get to the studio. And this meant I got to take Dani’s First Friday class which I really wanted to do. 45 minutes without any arms or choreography…just intervals. Most of class was a pattern of a 3 minute climb, 1 minute sprint. 4 minute climb, 2 minute sprint, etc. It was such a great class!

Saturday – 21 miles!

This long run was a true test of my mental strength. I had to run solo before I caught a flight to DC and this meant early AM on icy roads. I found a 1.35 mile loop that was relatively ice-free and round and round I went. I listened to podcasts, kept my pace easy, and tried to zone out. I was surprised by how quickly it went by. It was cold and it was a hilly route, so it wasn’t as “easy” as I would have wanted, but I got it done. Average pace of 8:41. First 20+ mile run of this training cycle done. Two big ones left to go.

Sunday – Rest day

I took Sunday as my complete rest day this week since I was in DC and had an all day conference. It was nice to not have to worry about working out, even though I was wishing I had some time to explore with a run. My legs were happy for the rest though!

Week 8 = 43.25 miles 

Onto week ten! Marathon training life is the best kind of life. 🙂

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