Nashville Marathon Training: Week Eight (43.50 miles)

Another week of hard work done. Another week closer to a stellar marathon. I’m getting more and more excited to race Nashville. Strong weeks remind me what I’m working for and how much I’m improving. It’s such a good feeling to know the work you’re putting in is worth it. Race day is the pay off and I’m happy to be working hard every week to get there. 

Here’s my week breakdown:

Monday – Torch class (2 miles) + 5 miles

Total of 7 miles at 8:50 average pace plus the rowing and strength intervals covered during my Torch class. Getting up at 5:10 AM on a Monday is never easy for me, but I’m always glad I did. Hoping to make this a Monday habit again. The strength and rowing is so good for my running. 

Tuesday – Cycle class + 4 miles 

Normally I just do a short, easy run on Tuesday, but I decided to take a spin class today too. 6 AM 45 minute cycling class at Studio Three followed by 4 easy miles in the rain at 8:59 average pace. I think it helps to loosen up my legs with a run after spin as far as soreness goes. 

Wednesday – Cycle class + 7 miles (speed work)

A 6 AM cycle class plus a speed workout before work. I ran a one mile warm up before class, then 6 miles right after. Workout was 12 minutes “on” at 10 seconds faster than marathon pace. Two reps plus warm up & cool down. It went like this: 

2.37 mile warm up

12 min. “on” – 7:52 avg

2 minute recovery

12 min. “on” – 7:48 avg

1.35 mile cool down 

I felt pretty strong even on my burned out legs. And I was so glad to have all of this done by 7:40 AM. 

Thursday – 7 miles 

Seven easy morning miles at 8:45 average pace for my Thursday workout. It was another 50 degree day in February so I ran in shorts and enjoyed the sunshine. A rare thing for a Chicago winter and I think it will be the last day like this for awhile. Love when easy miles really feel easy. 

Friday – Rest day

Friday is the rest day and I was looking forward to it all week. My legs definitely needed it! 

Saturday – 18.50 miles 

18.50 miles of Barrington hills at 8:12 average pace. This was a tough run, but I felt stronger than expected. It was only 20 degrees with a real feel of 6 and there was blowing snow. Chilly wind wasn’t something I’d felt in a couple weeks so it made the run harder, but this group of women is so tough. We held 8:10-8:30 pace for about the first 12 miles then picked it up to 7:40-7:50 for the last 6 miles. Fast finishes are my favorite. I love running with this group because the miles fly by and everyone is so motivating. Couldn’t have made a better decision to join this group. I wouldn’t have thought this kind of long run was possible for me! Getting stronger and stronger. 

Sunday – Cycle class x 2 + Yoga Flow 75

Holy cross training day! Signed up for 3 classes. Yes, this is a little much, but I was signed up for a GRL PWR ride before Kyle said he wanted to take Sayre’s 4 PM cycle and I couldn’t say no to his first Studio Three class. And of course I had to head to Sunday evening 75 minute flow to relax and recover. 90 minutes of cycling the day after 18.5 fast miles was a little ambitious, but I survived and savored the stretching at yoga after. Yoga really does do great things for my mental state. I leave feeling so grateful. I really love my cross training days, especially when it means spending them at the studio. 

I worked really hard this week. I’m surprising myself week after week and I actually feel like this is my strongest marathon training cycle yet. And marathon training is my one of my favorite parts of my life. Nothing beats the feeling of improvement. 

Week 8 = 43.5 miles 

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