Nashville Marathon Training: Week Seven (42.32 miles)

Another week done. Only ten weeks away from marathon day! I’m really happy with my mileage this week. I hit the number I was supposed to and had a few bonus miles. And all of my runs were outside! The weather has been so mild for a Chicago winter and I’m not complaining. Any day I can get outside for miles is a good day.

Here’s my week breakdown:

Monday – 5 miles

I was supposed to run 7 Monday, but I switched it with the Tuesday 5 instead because I was having a lot of stomach pain during this run. It wasn’t exactly enjoyable, but I held an easy 8:40 average pace and took in the stillness. Night runs are sometimes just what I need.

Tuesday – 7 miles

Got up and got my 7 miles in before work. Held an 8:38 average pace and was so happy to have the miles in early. The sun was even shining during the run. Crazy what that does for my mood.

Wednesday- 8.32 miles (speed work)

1000 meter repeats are never my favorite, but this week they weren’t so bad. I ran to the store, so I had an extra long warm up (3.1 miles). Workout was 1000 meters x 5 with 2 minute rest in between. Reps were: 4:32, 4:32, 4:28, 4:31, 4:23. 1.76 mile cool down. Reps were supposed to be done at 10K pace, and 7:13 average might have been a little fast, but it felt good. Totaled 8.32 miles and I got home just as my Garmin died.

Thursday – 6 miles + Barbell class

Evening run followed by a strength class at ENRGi. Snuck in 6 miles right from work at 8:11 average pace. The class was all barbell work. I had never taken this kind of class before and I was surprised by how much I liked it. I always feel like my form is wrong or I get intimated by super strong people around me, but I held my own. It was the perfect amount of strength work after a run. I’ll definitely try this combo again.

Friday – Rest day 

Rest days are the best days. Trying to really treasure the day of recovery. I know my body needs it!

Saturday – 14 miles

Another great long run with the group. 14 miles. 8:14 average pace. It’s weird to be at that point in training where I say “oh I only have 14 miles.” That’s where my head’s at though and I love it. Anything less than 16 miles we stay on the Lakefront Path, so it was nice to have a flat run. We did add in two reps of Cricket Hill for a bit of variety, but it was nothing like the Barrington hills. And did I mention I ran in shorts? 55 degrees in February is absolutely crazy for Chicago. I was just happy to be out there enjoying the beautiful day. Felt strong!

Sunday – Torch class (2 miles) + Yoga Flow 75 

Cross training day! Took a tough Torch class at Studio Three this morning. Covered 2 miles during treadmill intervals. This class was tough because it was 10 minutes at each station. The last rowing set nearly killed me. Okay, not really…but my arms and legs were dead. And I wasn’t thrilled about the burpees on my sore legs, but hey I’m glad I pushed through it. Continuing recovery with a Yoga Flow 75 this evening. It’s been too long since I’ve flowed and I’m so so excited. My legs will thank me!


This training cycle is flying by. Can’t believe tomorrow starts week eight. I really think this is the best I have handled marathon training with cross training and real life. I’ve made training a normal part of my day to day life and it doesn’t keep me from doing other things I care about. I feel good about where I’m at mileage wise at this point and I’m ready for 10 more weeks of hard work!

Week 7 = 42.32 miles


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