Nashville Marathon Training: Week Five (32.82 miles)

A race week and a drop down week! A little less mileage, but still kept up extra cross training. I was pretty sore going into my race on Saturday, but I still performed well.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday – Orange Theory Class (3 miles)

Tried my first Orange Theory class to see what it was all about. I started on the rower, then moved to strength circuits for the first half hour. Second half of class was spent on the treadmill where I covered 3 miles. The heart rate monitor concept is great in theory, but I had a really hard time keeping mine in the orange and red zones. And the competitive person in me was pretty upset to lose when I was running my sprints the fastest. Not really my thing, but I’m glad I tried it!

Tuesday – 4.35 miles

Easy morning miles at 8:40 average pace to bring my January mileage total to exactly 140 miles! It was chilly, but felt good to get outside.

Wednesday – Flywheel AM + 6.27 miles (speed workout) PM

I took a 6 AM Flywheel class to start the day, but I was on a broken bike and the class was pretty awful. I didn’t get enough out of it and it was frustrating, but at least I sweat. Second workout was my speed workout with the group after work. 800 meter repeats (6 reps) with 90 seconds of complete rest in between. With warm up and cool down it was 6.27 miles. Our average time for all reps was about a 3:25. Really happy with it!!

Thursday – Torch class + 4 miles (6.1 miles total)

5:45 AM Torch class. Covered 2.1 miles during the treadmill sprints plus 3900 meters rowing and 20 minutes of strength circuits. Ran another 4 miles outside immediately after class to bring me to my 6.1 miles for the day!

Friday – Rest day

First complete rest day in a few weeks. I needed it. Plus I was traveling to Arizona, so it worked out well. I like to really rest my legs the day before a race.

Saturday – 13.1 miles – Sedona Half Marathon! + hiking

13.1 miles for the Sedona Half Marathon! I absolutely loved this race. It was so so hilly and I had never even run at an altitude before, so it was tough, but I ran strong. I finished with a time of 1:43:20. 7:53 average pace. 1st place age group! I couldn’t believe how well I did. I’ll write a full race recap separately. After the race we hiked at least 6 miles, so my legs were very tired, but this is my favorite way to spend a day. Lots of miles and fresh air! Sedona is absolutely beautiful.

Sunday – Hiking 

Cross training today will be more hiking! Going up to the Grand Canyon to explore and then another hike back in Sedona later today. A lot more miles and climbs on very sore legs, but I’m happy about it. Really can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend!
Extremely happy with how this week went. I could feel how much I’m improving from this training cycle already. And I realized how strong I am at running hills. I have a good feeling about how my March half marathon and my April full will go. Progress is fun to see. Onto week six!

Week five – 32.82 miles

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