Nashville Marathon Training: Week Four (38 miles)

One month done! Week four wrapped up the last full week of January and I have to say it was my best first month of training I’ve ever had. It’s crazy to me how quickly this month went by. My mileage ramped up quickly, but I felt ready for it. It’s nice to have already logged 100 miles for 2017.

Here’s the week breakdown:

Monday – Torch class + 3 miles (5 miles total)

5:15 AM alarms are never my friend, but once I get to the studio I’m wide awake. I covered 2 miles during treadmill intervals  in the class and followed it up with 3 more miles outside to bring me to 5 for the day. The strength and rowing circuits are getting a little bit easier, which is so exciting for me.

Tuesday – 4 miles

Four easy miles after work that weren’t exactly at my easy pace. I averaged 7:50 miles, but it just felt so good to get outside! My effort didn’t seem hard, so I just went with it. Running for the enjoyment of running and not caring about my pace is what I live for.

Wednesday – Cycle Class AM + 7 miles (speed workout) PM

6 AM cycling class to start the day. 45 minutes. 500 calories burned. And I did my speed work after work. I was supposed to meet up with the group, but the weather didn’t look great and I wimped out. Took it to the treadmill and actually had a great workout. 15 minute warm up, 5 minutes “on” at 7:47 average pace followed by a 5 minute jog. Repeated 4 times and did a 12 minute cool down to bring me to 7 miles. I love that I was able to keep my pace exactly the same for all four reps. And this was pretty fast for me on the treadmill (it always seems harder to run fast than when I’m outside).

Thursday – 4 miles + Torch class (6 miles total)

I ran 4 easy miles on the treadmill right after work before I went to my Torch class. One hour of strength, running, and rowing intervals to close out the night. 2 more miles on the treadmill brought me to 6. I used heavier weights than I usually do for the strength circuits and I felt strong. Love getting this cross training in!

Friday – Hot Power Yoga

Friday is rest day, but I really wanted some yoga in my life, so I took the 6 AM hot yoga class. My legs were really sore and the heat and stretching helped a lot. I’ve found such a new love for yoga.

Saturday – 16 miles. 8:17 average pace.

First hilly long run of this training cycle! I went out to Barrington with the Boston group and ran in a pack of about 8 awesome women. The last 5 miles were supposed to be at our marathon race pace and our splits were: 8:03, 8:01, 8:01, 8:03, 7:59. Really happy with those numbers…especially since I was having some stomach discomfort for about 3 or 4 miles towards the end. Running with the group helped distract me and I know that maybe I should stick to a more carb heavy dinner the night before a long run. The hills were consistent and rolling. I forgot how much harder it is to run a hilly route than it is to run the Chicago Lakefront Path. It was a great change of scenery and I actually enjoyed the hills. Hopefully they get easier from here on out! Either way I’m super proud of this distance, pace, and effort.

Sunday – Flywheel class AM + Yoga Flow 75 PM 

Late morning Flywheel cycling class for cross training day. I hadn’t been to Flywheel in awhile and my legs were really sore from the hills, so I wasn’t expecting much from this ride, but I surprisingly did well. A power score of 294 and a second place finish for the females. I was grateful for a sprint heavy class instead of a hill heavy class. It was nice to flush out my legs. And I’m going to my usual Yoga Flow 75 at Studio Three tonight. It’s truly my favorite way to end a weekend. Need some more stretching in my life after another hard week of work!

I’m proud of how well I’m handling this training cycle already. I was no where near a 16 mile long run by the end of month one during my last training cycle, so this is new to me. This plan calls for high mileage much more quickly, but I’m liking it. I love when I’m back to the stage where I think to myself “oh only 16 miles this weekend?” ONLY?! But it’s true. It changes your mentality. I love being in marathon training mode. We’re only 13 weeks away from Rock N Roll Nashville!

Week four = 38 miles 


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