Nashville Marathon Training: Week Three (34.39 miles)

The difference in this training cycle for me so far has been three major things: WAY more cross training, group paced long runs, and faster mileage escalation. I am feeling strong, but also very very sore. I’m interested to see how I’ll feel in a few weeks. Thankfully, I’ve been taking better care of my body in terms of nutrition and sleep so that is working in my favor.

Here’s what the third week of training looked like:

Monday – 6 miles + Torch 45 Class (1.5 miles)

Long weekend with a bonus day to put in some work. I ran 6 miles outside in the freezing rain to start my day because I couldn’t pass up the extra chance to run in the daylight even if the weather was awful. I ran a little too fast for an easy paced day, but the rain will do that to me. Felt good! Then I took a Torch 45 class at noon. Usually Torch classes are one hour, so this was a “fast paced” one. I covered 1.5 extra miles during the treadmill intervals and spent 25-30 minutes strength training and doing rowing intervals. Love these classes so much.

Tuesday – 4 miles

Easy run day. I ran 4 miles at 9+ minute pace with Kyle after work. It was nice to just relax and get a few miles in. And I love having the company so I can run in the dark.

Wednesday – 6 AM Cycle Class + 6.84 mile speed workout PM

6 AM cycling class with Antonia to start my Wednesday. Always a great way to wake up. 500 calories burned in 45 minutes. Then I had my speed workout with the Boston group after work. Workout was 10 minutes at 15 seconds faster than goal marathon pace times 2 with 5 minutes rest in between plus warm up and cool down. Ran the 10 minute reps at 7:31 pace and 7:21 pace. Felt really strong and loved running fast with the group!

Thursday – Torch Class (2 miles)

5:45 AM Torch class today! Covered 2 miles on the treadmill intervals, plus the rowing and strength intervals. The plan called for 7 miles today, but I decided to replace the mileage with this class. I was already at 20 miles for the week and my legs were very tired. Happy with my decision.

Friday – Cycle 45 Class (Live DJ ride!)

Friday is supposed to be my rest day, but when there’s a Live DJ ride at Studio Three I can’t pass it up. It was an evening 45 minute class and it was SO much fun. Nothing quite like having a live DJ in your spin studio. I didn’t push it too hard and just enjoyed the workout. It was a fun way to spend a Friday night after work.

Saturday – 14.05 miles + 1 hour Yoga Class

Saturday long run with the Boston group! 14.05 miles at 8:17 average pace. Somehow it was 50 degrees in January in Chicago…very strange, but it made for perfect long run weather. Miles really fly by when you’re running with a group and I’m so happy I made the decision to join this one. It’s definitely a faster long run pace than I’m used to, but it isn’t feeling hard. Could this be my new easy pace?? We’ll see. Ideally I’d like to run a sub 8 minute average marathon so maybe it could be. I also went to a one hour yoga class in the afternoon. My hips were tight and it felt good to stretch out.

Sunday – Cycle 45 Class AM + Yoga Flow 75 PM

Sunday is for cross training. Took a 45 minute cycling class at 11 AM — a sweaty way to recover. And I’m heading back to the studio for a 75 minute yoga class this evening. All this cycling and yoga is helping my legs recover more quickly.

I put in a lot of work this week. It’s fun to see it all written out every Sunday and reflect on how I feel. I did skip my rest day (which I don’t recommend), but it was for a special occasion cycling class I wanted to take. At least I’m doing the cross training! My legs are very sore, but the yoga is helping and after next week I’ll take it a little bit easier. Crazy how fast the first three weeks have gone by.

Week three = 34.39 miles


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