Nashville Marathon Training: Week Two (30.65 miles) 

Week two came and went quickly. I had to make a few minor adjustments to my plan in order to keep up all the extra cross training, but I’m glad I did. All of this cross training is making me a faster runner.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday – Torch Class AM (2 miles) + 4 miles PM

Took an early morning interval class to start the week! An hour long combination of running, rowing, and strength circuits. This class is my jam. It wakes me up and gives me the boost I need to have a productive day. Covered two miles on the treadmill, so I had 4 more miles for after work. I ran on the treadmill and kept my pace easy. 6 miles & solid cross training done for the day!

Tuesday – 4 miles

Got up and out for 4 miles on Tuesday morning. It was surprisingly warm for January in Chicago and I loved it. I averaged an 8:40 pace which I was happy with. It’s a struggle for me to keep an easy pace on easy days!

Wednesday – Cycle Class AM + 2.65 miles PM 

6 AM cycling class with Antonia. This class was a tough one. Almost the entire first half was out of the saddle with heavy hills. I loved it! Then after work I attempted to do my 800 meter speed workout alone to beat the rain, but I didn’t. I got two reps done in the pouring rain before I called it quits. (1.65 miles). I tried again on the treadmill, but after 1 more mile on tired legs I decided it wasn’t worth it, so I called it quits. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body.

Thursday – 4 miles + Torch Class (2 miles)

The only day of the week I didn’t get up early. I snuck in 4 miles outside right before my Torch class. I then covered another two miles during class, plus strength and rowing intervals. I already feel myself getting so much stronger. Love this class so much.

Friday – Rest day / Hot Yoga Class AM

Friday is my rest day, but while I have this membership I’m doing yoga classes on my rest days. I took a 6 AM hot yoga class and loved how much better I felt afterward. My body thanks me for it.

Saturday – 12 miles 

I was helping out a friend in the morning, so I missed my group long run, but that’s okay. I moved my 12 miler to the afternoon and got Carly to run her 8 with me! I ran the first three miles alone (a little too fast) at 8:05 average. But overall average pace was 8:58. This run really felt easy and I’m so glad. It feels good to be back up to 12 miles not really seeming like a long run. It’s such a mental game, but I really enjoyed this run. Company always helps!

Sunday – Cycle Class AM + Yoga Flow 75 PM

Double day for cross training. I took an 11 AM cycling class then went back for a yoga flow 75 class in the evening. Recovering with cycling and yoga is really working for my body. It helps get rid of the lactic acid that builds up in my legs from a tough week and a long run. The best way to spend a Sunday!

I’m proud of this week because I’m still getting in decent mileage while cross training way more than I’m used to. I won’t keep this up the whole marathon training cycle, but for January I want to make the most of this unlimited studio membership. The running is the easy part right now and I’m enjoying that too. 12 miles felt effortless on Saturday despite my sore legs. It’s amazing to me how quickly your body can adapt and remember what it’s like to be in marathon training mode. It’s my favorite.

Week two = 30.65 miles

Ready for week three!!

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