Chicago Marathon Training: Week Seventeen (25.38 miles) 

THAT’S A WRAP! 17 weeks of hard work comes to a close. I can’t believe the Chicago Marathon is only one week away. This week was the lowest mileage week I’ve had all training, but that was the point. It isn’t called tapering for nothing! And I actually got a lot of great cross training in. 

Here’s a week seventeen  breakdown:

Monday – 4 miles + Cycle class 

Four easy paced miles after work and right before my spin class at Studio Three. My legs were a little tired, but I still powered through the class! I like the back-to-back workouts. 

Tuesday – 4 miles 

Early morning four miler! Tried to keep my pace easy and embrace the taper. My tight legs made this easier. 

Wednesday – Rest day 

Tonight was supposed to be our last team speed workout, but weather was horrible. I went to the store and everything, but then we bailed. No point in risking getting sick this close to the marathon. Rest day it was! 

Thursday – Barre Code class + 3.25 miles 

I tried my first class at The Barre Code after work! And I LOVED it. It was all body weight. Small movements and holds that burn out one muscle at a time. My body was sore the next day in a whole new way. Can’t wait to go back after the race! And then I ran a relaxed 3.25 miles with Kyle later on. I love our run dates. And it lets me run in the dark because I’d never go out at night alone. 

Friday – Cycle class + 5 miles 

Took another spin class at Studio Three in the morning! I had a free one to use from their yoga event last week, so I took advantage of it. It was a smaller class and with one of my favorite instructors. Then I went out for 5 miles around lunch. I worked from home for my last day at my current job, so it allowed me to run at lunch! I accidentally ran the first mile at 7:39 pace, but I slowed after that. Averaged 8:30 pace and felt good. Especially for two double days in a row! 

Saturday – 6.13 miles 

My last long run got cut short due to a crazy down pour, but I loved it. I took it to my favorite hilly trails and enjoyed the alone time. I averaged 8:43 pace. Ran into some deer, got soaked by a storm, and had to call it quits at 6.13 miles, but that’s okay. It was still a great a run. I even found myself kind of crying halfway through thinking about how I was done with training. I’m just so proud of how I did this cycle and I can’t wait to put it to the test. 

Sunday – 3 miles

I wasn’t supposed to run today, but I really wanted to. And since I cut a couple miles off the day before, I decided it was okay. Three relaxed miles followed by stretching! 

I’m not the best at tapering, but I’m really trying. I kept my mileage low and focused more on cross training. My body feels good and I know I only have two “runs” left before race day. WHAT?! It got here so quickly. But I cannot wait to toe that start line. It’s going to be an amazing journey. Really, it already has. 

Seventeen weeks down, ONE to go.

Week seventeen total mileage: 25.38 miles

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