Chicago Marathon Training: Week Sixteen (35.30 miles) 

An easier week in terms of the past 15 weeks, but I still had some struggles. My body’s immune system is down and I’ve felt pretty run down. Luckily I feel better now, but this week had a few tough days. 
Here’s a week sixteen breakdown:

Monday – 5 miles 

Five morning miles on tired legs. I wasn’t as sore as I expected, but I still didn’t feel great. I was just happy to get the miles done early!

Tuesday – 5 miles + spin class

Five morning miles where I couldn’t slow down. I just had something in me that made me run fast. I decided to just go with it and enjoy the morning. After work I did a cycling class at Studio Three. 45 minutes of sweat! 

Wednesday – Rest day 

Woke up feeling really sick and never got better. Decided to move my rest day up and let my body recover. 

Thursday – 4.5 miles 

I still wasn’t feeling great, but I wanted to run. Went out for 4.5 evening miles with Kyle. We get the pace easy and just chatted. Actually ended up going farther than I wanted, but that’s okay. 

Friday – 8.80 miles (speed)

I finally got my last 800m workout in! 8.80 miles total. 8:43 average with 90 second rests between reps. 

1.50 mile warm up

800m x 10- 3:40, 3:35, 3:29, 3:33, 3:35, 3:24, 3:29, 3:27, 3:30, 3:26

1.50 mile cool down 

I’m happy I got this workout done. And according to Bart Yasso I can run about a 3:33 marathon. We will see…

Saturday – 12 miles 

Last real long run! 12 miles at 9:07 pace. I met up with Carly for 8 of the miles and pushed a fast finish. Last two miles were around 8:20. My legs were tired from my speed workout the night before, but I still felt strong. 

Sunday – 1 hour yoga class 

An amazing morning spent at Wrigley Field. One hour of yoga in the sunshine on the grass. I absolutely loved it! And my legs will thank me for it. 

Taper is taper and I’ve had some phantom pains and freak outs this week, but I’m trying to remain calm. Still got in all my miles even with being sick. I’m hoping I got my sickness out of the way and that these next two weeks are a breeze! Not a lot of miles left to log before race day. 

Sixteen weeks down, two to go.
Week sixteen total mileage: 35.30 miles

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