Thoughts I have during taper. Also known as “The Taper Crazies.”

Taper time is here. And that means I get a little crazier than normal. I know tapering is a necessity and my body will thank me come race day, but ACTUALLY tapering can be tough. I get in my head and stress myself out. And I know I’m not alone. Decided to share my taper thoughts incase anyone can relate.

Taper thoughts:

  • “Wow I haven’t run in days.” (It’s been one). 
  • “That was a weird pain in my foot. Oh no there it is again. Must be a stress fracture!!”
  • “I haven’t been sick all year so naturally it’s about that time. Three weeks out. Lucky me.”
  • “Maybe I should just sneak in an extra long run. Is 12 enough? Should I have done another 18?”
  • “My monthly mileage will be lower. Should I tack on a few more today? Does it matter?”
  • “I’m so hungry.” (Ate one hour ago).
  • “Can I even run fast? Did I do enough speed work? Why did I dread the parking lot workouts? I’d kill to do one right now.”
  • “It’s probably going to storm on race day. Or be 90 degrees. Or snow.”
  • “There’s that weird pain in my foot again. Maybe the last 16 weeks of training were all for nothing!”
  • “Oh look pizza!”

The reality is…I’ll be fine. I know I’ve put in the work. I just need to relax (which is easier said than done). My body is fine. I will get over this cold. I will follow my reduced mileage. I’ll deal with my crazy thoughts and try to put all my energy into focusing on a successful finish line. I’m so close. And I cannot wait for October 9th. 

One thought on “Thoughts I have during taper. Also known as “The Taper Crazies.”

  1. Hi Dale! Found your blog through your Instagram. Just want to say I’m also doing the Chicago Marathon in a few weeks and am so glad I’m not alone on the crazy taper thoughts! I too have been questioning my training and whether I did enough. The nerves are pumping but I know that come race day they should help. Just keep reminding myself to trust my training.

    Anyways, just want to say thanks for sharing and making me realize that the “taper crazies” are pretty normal. Good luck to you on your race! Only 2 weeks to go!


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