Chicago Marathon Training: Week Fifteen (42.26 miles)

This week was my last high mileage/high intensity week before tapering, so I enjoyed every minute. I’m ready to taper, but I also know that I get the taper crazies, so I told myself not to rush this week. Enjoyed the higher mileage while I still could!

Here’s a week fifteen breakdown:

Monday – 5.01 miles + Flywheel 

3 miles in the morning and then 2 miles in the evening right before Flywheel. Tough workout, but it felt great to sweat that much. 

Tuesday – Rest day 

Today was a day trip to STL. 5:00 AM wake up call, 7:55 AM flight, full work day, 6 hour train ride home. It didn’t leave me any time for running, so it had to be a rest day. 

Wednesday – 7.75 miles (speed) 

I needed this speed workout this week. A week off felt like a long time. And I LOVED this ladder workout we did. 

2.24 mile warm up

200m x 4 – 0:50, 0:49, 0:48, 0:50

400m x 2 – 1:43, 1:41

800m x 1 – 3:28

1600m x 1 – 6:56

800m x 1 – 3:32 

400m x 2 – 1:37, 1:41

200m x 4 – 0:50, 0:49, 0:55, 0:39

1.12 mile cool down 

Every rep except for one was at sub seven minute average pace. We crushed it! 

Thursday – 5 miles 

I went out for five easy miles with Kyle after work. They were faster than planned, but he was in the mood to run fast, so we did. It was a perfect evening!

Friday – 4.5 miles 

I slept in a little later than planned, so I had to cut my run short, but I was still happy with 4.5 miles. 7:58 average pace and a perfect start to Friday! 

Saturday – 20 miles!

The third and final 20 miler was my best one! Stuck with the 8:30 pacer and finished with an average pace of 8:29. Really proud of this CES run training run. It was fun to run with a group and the weather was just about as nice as we could have asked for! 

Sunday – 20 minutes biking 

Took it easy today and just did 20 minutes on the bike followed by 10 minutes of incline walking. My legs are sore, but honestly not as bad as I expected! 

The hard work is done?! I’m shocked by how quickly these fifteen weeks have gone by. They weren’t easy, but I’m proud of my effort and ready to enjoy this taper over the next three weeks. 

Fifteen weeks down, three to go.

Week fifteen total mileage: 42.26 miles

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