Chicago Marathon Training: Week Fourteen (29.02 miles) 

Week fourteen was all about being adaptable. I didn’t exactly stick to the plan, but that’s okay. Sometimes life happens. And thankfully it was a cut back week!

Here’s a week fourteen breakdown:

Monday – 1 mile

Having the day off was great, but my legs were super sore from Sunday’s 20 miler. Kyle and I set out to run a few miles and ended up stopping after one. My legs were not feeling it and I decided it was better to call it quits. 

Tuesday – Rest day 

Travel to Cleveland day! Had to get up at 5:30 AM without a workout and had a full day followed by a night networking event. There was no time to run, but I was on my feet a lot at least. 

Wednesday – 3 miles 

A 14 hour conference day that began at 7 AM. I had one hour to myself after dinner (at 8 PM) to log 3 miles on the treadmill, shower again, and head to a networking party. It wasn’t much, but at least it was something. 

Thursday – Rest day

Another crazy busy day. I was just completely exhausted. Got home at 11 PM and gladly crawled into the hotel bed. Rest day was the only option. 

Friday – 8 miles 

On Friday morning I finally had a chance to explore Cleveland! I ran 8 miles through the city with no real plan. I was so antsy to run after a stressful week with little mileage and it felt great. I even enjoyed the hills! 

Saturday – 12 miles

Finally back in Chicago, I met Carly for our long run. 12 miles at 8:53 average pace. Ran two miles solo to meet her, 8 together, and another two solo back to my place. We had a lot to chat about and the miles flew by. I felt great and enjoyed “only” having to run 12 miles. 

Sunday – Hot Power Yoga + 5 miles 

Kicked off Sunday with a Hot Power Yoga class at Studio Three in the morning. I was a little nervous, but I liked the class more than I thought. I sweat A LOT. But I definitely felt better after I left. Then went out for some recovery miles with Kyle around 3:30 PM. We did 5 miles at 9:01 average and enjoyed the beautiful weather. A Sunday well spent! 

This week was tiring and I did not run as much as I would have liked, but I had to attend this conference and didn’t have much control over my lack of sleep or 14 hour days. I’m proud of what I did get done and how I handled my weekend. And I’m feeling relaxed and ready to take on one more difficult week of training before taper! 

Fourteen weeks down, four to go.

Week fourteen total mileage: 29.02 miles

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