The Final Countdown: An Alcohol-free Month. 

We’re officially one month away from the Chicago Marathon as of tomorrow morning. Yikes. 

I’m ready, I know I am, but the past 14 weeks have gone by so quickly. Even though I’ve been crushing my training, it still feels a little bit like it snuck up on me. 

As part of this final month of preparation I have decided to go alcohol-free. I’ve always done one or two weeks of no booze leading up to my past few marathons, but never a full month. I’ve also never tried to BQ before. Basically, I don’t want anything to get in my way at this point, so I’m doing a booze-free month. 

Here are four other reasons:

1. Saving money. 

I spend quite a bit of money at happy hours, on nights out, etc. And I’ve been feeling extra broke lately, so this will be a good way to save a little bit over the next month. 

2. No late night food. 

Drinking at night usually leads to a stop for food on my way home. With marathon training I’m always hungry regardless, but after a few beers I can always convince myself that I deserve some french fries. Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but I know that without drinking I can make sure I don’t make any late night Portillos stops. 

3. More sleep. 

I know that by not drinking, I will stay up late less often. And any reason/excuse to get to bed earlier is one I will take. I know my body will need the extra sleep over this next month. 

4. Up my performance. 

I know booze doesn’t contribute to my training, but man do I love a cold beer after an occasional long run. I just don’t want to hinder my chances in any way. I’ve worked too hard. Without imbibing my body will recover quicker and I’ll have more energy. I’ll feel better knowing I haven’t put any bad substances into my body in a month when I get to that start line. 

If you know me, you know I LOVE a good beer. Or a glass of wine. This will be tough. I don’t think the lack of going out will be tough, as much as the no wine with dinner or no happy hour drink. But what’s one month? I know I will feel better after doing this. 

I want to be in my absolute best form when I toe that Chicago Marathon start line. And this will make that post-race beer even better. Cheers. 

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