Chicago Marathon Training: Week Ten (40.25 miles)

Marathon training makes me happy. I honestly think I’m happiest when setting goals, sticking to a plan, and seeing myself improve. Nothing beats it. These weeks are flying by. 

Here’s a week ten breakdown:

Monday – 4.01 miles

Woke up early and got my run done. My legs were a little tight since I did my long run on Sunday the past week, but it still felt good to get up and get it done. Kept my pace easy and just logged the miles. 

Tuesday – 4.0 miles & Cycling class PM 

I accidentally turned off my alarm in the morning, so I tried the lunch break run thing for the second time in my life. It’s not exactly ideal, but I didn’t sweat too badly. And it was nice to break up my work day. Then I went to a Taylor Swift vs. Kanye themed spin class at Studio Three after work. It was a blast and a good sweat. Another solid double workout day! 

Wednesday – Rest day/cross training 

Made today my rest day, but I did have a rock climbing event after work, so I got some cross training in! I don’t like missing racing team workouts, but I wanted to attend this Boulder with Bai event so it was worth it. 

Thursday – 5.25 miles (speed) 

Shortened speed workout in the AM. It was 1 minute on, 1 minute easy x 8. I was supposed to do two to three sets, but I really only had time for one. With warm up and cool down it was 5.25 miles. All of my “ons” were at 6:41 average pace, so I was happy with that! And I liked starting my day with some speed. 

Friday – 7.0 miles

Got in seven miles before work in the super humid weather. I always like getting a mid-distance early run in during the week. Even though it means getting up pretty early. It’s a great way to kick off my Friday. Averaged an 8:43 pace and felt good. 

Saturday – 19.01 miles 

Farthest long run of training so far! 19 miles at 9:26 pace. I did 4 miles alone, met up with Carly for 12, and then did 3 more solo. I honestly felt great. It was humid and I was tired from a lack of sleep, but my legs felt fine. It really didn’t feel “that far” which is awesome. 

Sunday – 1 mile + 6 sets Swallow Cliff stairs 

Quick trail mile to warm up followed by 6 sets of stairs. I didn’t have a lot of time, but a quick workout was just what I needed. And being able to run stairs the day after a 19 miler is pretty cool. 

Ten weeks down, eight to go. Feeling strong!! 

Week ten total mileage: 40.25 miles

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