Chicago Marathon Training: Week Nine (34.40 miles) 

Well guys just like that I’m half way through training. How’d that happen?! This training cycle is flying by. Feeling great though which is a good sign! This week was a drop down week. Lower mileage, less intense workouts. 

Here’s a week nine breakdown:

Monday – 4.70 miles 

I really felt like running after work. My plan only called for four miles, but I felt like running forever. Had to cut myself off at 4.7 miles. And I got to try out my new Adidas Boost running shoes, which I love!

Tuesday – 3.15 miles AM & Flywheel class PM 

Started the day with 3.15 easy miles. I woke up kind of late, but I still fit in what I could. Then I took a 45 minute Flywheel class after work. And I hit a new Flywheel personal best. Total power of 269. Felt awesome! Double workout days are becoming a highlight of my week. 

Wednesday – 4.15 miles (speed workout)

This weeks speed workout was a 5K time trial. I’m not the best end of the day runner, but I gave it my all. It was a really quick warm up, 5K time trial, and a short cool down. Time was 21:47. 7:02 pace. I’ll definitely take that. Especially in 85 degree weather! 

Thursday – Rest day/yoga

Private hour long yoga session at work. And we took it outside this week! It was nice to change it up. These yoga classes always make me wish I did more yoga. So great for my body and my mind. 

Friday – 3.1 miles

My plan called for a rest day before my running filled weekend, but after the week I had I really needed to get out for a run. Just did a quick 3.1 miles. It was great for me mentally and my legs felt fine. 

Saturday – 6.2 miles – Big Ten 10K

New 10K PR! 46:55. 7:33 pace. I LOVE this race. The environment is great. The swag is great. And the course is great. I didn’t really intend to PR, but I felt great so about half way through the race so I decided to go for it. It’s the best feeling to have a strong finish, hit a goal, and not even feel exhausted. I was 85th female overall and 15th woman in my age group. That’s pretty crazy. My tough team speed workouts are paying off!

Sunday – 13.1 miles 

Finally got to do a long run with Carly! We did 13.1 miles at 9:14 pace. We ran about two miles toward each other to meet, then ran about 7.5 miles together. It was great to have a running buddy! It wasn’t as hot today and it was cloudy which worked in our favor. The run was relaxed and made feel ready and confident going in to week 10. A couple big weeks coming up! 

It was another week of solid work. Even at lower mileage, I had some highs. A 10K PR in the middle of marathon training? Couldn’t have done that a couple years ago. I know I am becoming a better runner every day and that makes me really happy. I enjoy putting in the work and seeing the results. Nine more weeks to go! 

Week nine total mileage: 34.40 miles

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