Chicago Marathon Training: Week Seven (40.33 miles)

Another training week comes to an end. One week closer to my goal marathon. 

Week seven was a good one. My highest mileage week of this training cycle yet and I hit all of my goals. Feeling good! 

Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday – 4.05 miles 

Morning run on heavy legs. It was to be expected after a great race, but the recovery miles were good for me! 

Tuesday – 4.0 miles AM & 500 Calorie Class PM 

Started the day with another slow four miles. Legs were still super heavy, but I was glad I got the run portion of the day done early. These double workout Tuesdays can be tough. I definitely struggled through my evening circuit class, but still glad I did it. At least this class had more of an arm focus than a leg focus. 

Wednesday – 9.13 miles (speed workout)

Holy hot speed workout. This was tough. Workout was a Fartlek. It was a struggle to get through, but we crushed it. 9.13 miles total. 1:14:55. 8:12 pace overall. 

2.06 mile warm up 

6 min. on – 7:25 avg

3 min. recover jog

5 min. on – 7:21 avg

2:30 recover jog

4 min. on – 7:08 avg

2 min. recover jog 

3 min. on – 7:10 avg

1:30 recover jog

2 min. on – 7:10 avg

1 min. recover jog 

1 min. on – 7:10 avg

3.04 mile cool down. 

I know these speed workouts are only making me stronger…as tough as they might be. Proud of our effort! 

Thursday – Rest day

A much needed rest day. My legs were dying!

Friday – 7.0 miles

Early morning 7 miler along the lake. 8:40 average pace. I was running on less than four hours of sleep, but I didn’t want to skip my run. It was already a hot one, so I was glad I got it done early. 

Saturday –16.0 miles 

Toughest long run of training yet. 90 degrees with a real feel of 100. I stopped a lot to fill up my water bottles and dump water on my head. I took it slower than usual and just focused on one mile at a time. Finished with the full distance I had planned at 9:02 average pace. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat that much from a run, but oh well. I survived. Mentally and physically tough runs build us up. They’ll make race day feel like a breeze! (Hopefully. At least that’s what I tell myself). 

Sunday – 2 BBG circuits + stretching 

Lots of walking to do my errands plus two BBG arms & abs circuits. My legs are really sore, but I wanted to do something! Also doing lots of stretching and foam rolling. Always thankful for recovery days. 

These weeks of training are flying by. Can’t believe tomorrow starts week 8! Another big week ahead. And my first 20 miler is going to be here before I know it. My mileage is ramping up much faster this year than my last two training cycles, but I’m feeling good about it. I’m definitely a stronger runner now than I have been the past two years. It’s exciting to push past my limits and see myself excel. 

Week seven total mileage: 40.33 miles

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