Chicago Marathon Training: Week Six (34.22 miles)

A race week. Still followed my plan as normal, and tried to stay super hydrated all week. Can’t believe this was already week six! 

Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday – 3.0 miles 

Early morning progression run. Splits: 9:16, 8:53, 8:13. Great way to start the day and the week. 

Tuesday –  3.0 miles + Flywheel 45 minute cycling class

Ran three miles after work and ended at Flywheel’s front door. 45 minute spin class that left me dripping sweat. It was a tough workout, but I felt great. 800+ calories burned for the day. 

Wednesday – 6.02 miles (speed workout)

Mile repeats that got cut short by a storm. Always love team speed workouts anyways. Warm up, 2 mile repeats, 2:30 jog inbetween, and a cool down. Mile 1- 7:12. Mile 2- 7:09. Happy with the workout! 

Thursday –  Rest day/Yoga 

Scheduled rest day, but I had my hour long office yoga session I couldn’t miss. A lot of neck focus and relaxation focus. I always feel so great after yoga. Really need to do it more! 

Friday –  7.0 miles

Early morning 7 miler along the lake. 8:16 average pace. I ran a little faster than planned, but it just felt good to run.

Saturday –  2.10 miles 

A little pre-race shakeout run. Sometimes it’s fun to just go out for a quick run in the sunshine. 

Sunday – 13.1 miles – Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon 

Race day! An early 6:30 AM start after only 3.5 hours of sleep, but I still ran better than expected. Official time was 1:39:41. 7:36 average pace. 527th person overall. Pretty proud. I loved every second of this race. I’ll have a a full race recap up soon! 

Another great week of training. Time is flying by. This race week gave me a little more confidence that I can hold a faster pace for this marathon than I thought. 12 more weeks of work to put in before I find out! 

Week six total mileage: 34.22 miles

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