Chicago Marathon Training: Week Five (38.5 miles)

Set goals. Work toward them. That’s what marathon training is for me…a series of goals. Some days the goal is just to get in the set number of miles. Other days it’s to work on getting faster. Reaching the small goals helps me work toward the big one. Each week of training is important and this one wasn’t any different. 

Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday – 4.05 miles 

Ran four miles in the suburbs for the 4th of July. Kept my pace easy and felt good! 

Tuesday – Enrgi 500 Calorie + 3.05 miles

One hour circuit training class after work followed by a 3.05 mile run with Kyle. Casual 800+ calories burned. I was so hungry after this, but felt really accomplished. I love the 500 Calorie class at Enrgi! 

Wednesday – Rest Day

Moved the planned speed workout to Thursday due to expected storms! And my legs were happy to rest. 

Thursday – 7.0 miles (speed workout)

Met up with my racing team friends to do our weekly speed workout after work. 10 minute rep at half marathon pace with 2 minute jogs inbetween. Plus warm up and cool down. It rained SO hard during this run. We could barley see. But we kept moving. Our average pace for the 3 reps were between 7:42 and 8:22 pace. Really happy we stuck with it. 7 miles total!

Friday – 7.0 miles

Early morning 7 miler at a relaxed pace (just under nine minute pace). The best way to start the day!

Saturday – 15.65 miles 

A long run that took two attempts. 1.65 miles in the morning until I decided running without my orthotics was a bad idea. Came back to the city and tried again in the evening. Got in my planned 14 miles! I ran along the lake, listened to a couple podcasts, and enjoyed the solidarity. 8:45 average pace and I felt great! 

Sunday – Torch Class

Woke up and went to Studio Three for a Torch class. One hour of strength, rowing, and running intervals. 1.75 miles run during class. Great start to the day!

Really happy with this week. I nailed all my workouts and felt strong. Needed this week!

Week five total mileage: 38.5 miles

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