Chicago Marathon Training: Week Two (30 miles) 

Week two in the books! This week flew by. Got in all my runs and two days of cross training.

Here’s the week breakdown: 

Monday – 3.0 miles 

Recovery 3 miler after work. It was hot, but I kept my pace over 9 minute average and stretched out my legs. 

Tuesday – 3 miles AM + 500 Calorie Workout

Woke up at got 3 miles in before work at 8:32 average. Then went to the 500 Calorie workout class at Enrgi after work. This workout was so tough. Hour long circuit workouts always are. So many burpees and push ups. I wanted to quit. Multiple times. But the group environment is so motivating. These classes are always exhausting, but so worth it. 

Wednesday- 8.0 miles (speed) 

Fartlek workout with the team after work! 1 minute on, 1 minute off x 8. Two sets. Plus warm up and cool down. All 1 minute “ons” were between 6:41 and 7:10 average pace. So proud of this workout! 8 miles total. 8:01 average pace overall. Can’t believe we ran that fast with it being 90 degrees. Summer running is tough, but fun. 

Thursday – Rest Day 

Much needed rest day after the two-a-day and intense speed workout. 

Friday – 5.0 miles 

Woke up and got my 5 miles in even though I didn’t feel well. I was dehydrated and tired, but I was happy I got it done in the morning. 

Saturday – 11.0 miles 

Got up early to get my long run in before it got too hot. Solo, enjoyable miles. Ran along the lake and listened to two episodes of the Runner’s World Human Race podcast. Tried to keep my pace easy. Ate two Gatorade chews during my run and drank about 12 ounces of water. Averaged 8:46 overall. Another solid long run! 

Sunday – Cycle Class

Sunday cycling class at Studio Three. 45 minutes of pouring sweat. Always a great workout. Spin classes are one of my favorite ways to cross train! 

Great week. Nailed all my workouts and I’m feeling good. Onto week 3! A recovery week with lower mileage. 

Week two total mileage: 30 miles 

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