Chicago Marathon Training: Week One (29.09 miles)

Just like that, week one is done. I stuck to the plan and felt good. It makes me happy to be back on a plan again instead of just “winging it.” 

Here’s how week one went:

Monday – 3.20 miles

Easy run after work to kick off the 18 weeks of training! 

Tuesday – 3.05 miles

Woke up and got these three miles in before work. I had planned on cross training as well, but it was a crazy busy day and I worked a lot of extra hours, so it didn’t happen. Glad I got up in the AM or the run wouldn’t have happened either. 

Wednesday – 7.84 miles (speed) 

Speed workout with the Racing Team in the evening. 1000 meter repeats times 6, plus warm up and cool down. Splits were very consistent. Around 7:27 average pace for each 1000 meters. The last rep was the fastest! 7.84 miles total. Really great workout. 

Thursday – Yoga

Thursday’s are supposed to be my rest days and usually they will be, but I had my hour long private yoga session at work, so I couldn’t miss it! Yoga is great for my legs and I’m really going to try to incorporate it more during this training cycle. 

Friday – 5.0 miles 

First “pace” run of training! Did this workout in the AM before work. 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at goal marathon pace, and 1 mile cool down. Three mile splits were 8:10, 8:01, 8:12. My goal marathon pace is right around 8 minute miles and for my “pace” workouts I will aim to keep them between 7:55 and 8:15. I was happy with how this first one went! 

Saturday – Biking + Abs 

Switched my long run with my cross training day this weekend because it was 90 degrees this day. I walked around the city for about 5 hours, then came home and rode the bike for 15 minutes and did a quick ab workout. 

Sunday – 10.0 miles 

Started my day with 10 solo miles at 8:41 average pace. It was really windy, but still better to be running in 70 degrees rather than 90. I ran in my Nike Pegs and “took it easy.” I’m really trying to keep my long runs at an easy pace this cycle. I didn’t eat anything before, had 2 Gatorade chews during, and a coconut water fruit smoothie right after. Really focusing on nutrition for long runs this time around too!

This week went by so quickly. 1 down, 17 to go. Happy to be training again. And for my favorite marathon. 🙂 

Week 1 Total Mileage = 29.09 miles 

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