Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3 (22.35 miles)

Week three was a recovery week. Lower mileage than the first two weeks, but very necessary. I changed things around a bit, but I still ran 5 times (took an extra rest day). Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday – 3.0 miles

After work recovery run in 90+ degree weather. Took it easy and just logged the miles. 

Tuesday – 3.0 miles + 500 Calorie Workout at Enrgi

Hard workout day. I ran 3 miles before my class and ended at the front of the studio. Then I did the 500 Calorie hour long class. Circuits of strength and cardio without any breaks. I came home completely exhausted, but proud I pushed through. 

Wednesday – Rest day

Storms were supposed to roll in, so I skipped my team speed workout. And I was really sore, so I think it was the right decision. Better to listen to my body early on! 

Thursday – 6.0 miles

Early AM 6 miler. Averaged 8:11 pace. Threw in some quicker mile repeats because that was supposed to be my speed workout the night before. I love great morning runs!

Friday – Rest day 

Unplanned rest day. Honestly, I didn’t wake up in time in the morning and had plans after work I didn’t want to miss out on. I never want marathon training to keep me from having fun, so sometimes I skip a run. It happens. It’s okay. 

Saturday – Pride 10K, 6.2 miles 

Ran the Pride 10K in a time of 50:35. 8:09 pace. 19th woman overall! I had no time goal for this race, but I just ran by feel. It was 85 degrees and humid, so a little brutal, but still run. Great environment. Great medal. Great race. 

Sunday – 4.15 miles 

Ran this morning just because I wanted to. It was another hot one, so I did 4.15 miles then called it a day. Kept my pace slow and stretched out my legs. 

This week didn’t go exactly as I planned, but it was still a good week. I’m feeling recovered and ready to take on the next 15 weeks of hard work!

Week three total mileage: 22.35 miles 

Chicago Marathon Training: Week Two (30 miles) 

Week two in the books! This week flew by. Got in all my runs and two days of cross training.

Here’s the week breakdown: 

Monday – 3.0 miles 

Recovery 3 miler after work. It was hot, but I kept my pace over 9 minute average and stretched out my legs. 

Tuesday – 3 miles AM + 500 Calorie Workout

Woke up at got 3 miles in before work at 8:32 average. Then went to the 500 Calorie workout class at Enrgi after work. This workout was so tough. Hour long circuit workouts always are. So many burpees and push ups. I wanted to quit. Multiple times. But the group environment is so motivating. These classes are always exhausting, but so worth it. 

Wednesday- 8.0 miles (speed) 

Fartlek workout with the team after work! 1 minute on, 1 minute off x 8. Two sets. Plus warm up and cool down. All 1 minute “ons” were between 6:41 and 7:10 average pace. So proud of this workout! 8 miles total. 8:01 average pace overall. Can’t believe we ran that fast with it being 90 degrees. Summer running is tough, but fun. 

Thursday – Rest Day 

Much needed rest day after the two-a-day and intense speed workout. 

Friday – 5.0 miles 

Woke up and got my 5 miles in even though I didn’t feel well. I was dehydrated and tired, but I was happy I got it done in the morning. 

Saturday – 11.0 miles 

Got up early to get my long run in before it got too hot. Solo, enjoyable miles. Ran along the lake and listened to two episodes of the Runner’s World Human Race podcast. Tried to keep my pace easy. Ate two Gatorade chews during my run and drank about 12 ounces of water. Averaged 8:46 overall. Another solid long run! 

Sunday – Cycle Class

Sunday cycling class at Studio Three. 45 minutes of pouring sweat. Always a great workout. Spin classes are one of my favorite ways to cross train! 

Great week. Nailed all my workouts and I’m feeling good. Onto week 3! A recovery week with lower mileage. 

Week two total mileage: 30 miles 

Chicago Marathon Training: Week One (29.09 miles)

Just like that, week one is done. I stuck to the plan and felt good. It makes me happy to be back on a plan again instead of just “winging it.” 

Here’s how week one went:

Monday – 3.20 miles

Easy run after work to kick off the 18 weeks of training! 

Tuesday – 3.05 miles

Woke up and got these three miles in before work. I had planned on cross training as well, but it was a crazy busy day and I worked a lot of extra hours, so it didn’t happen. Glad I got up in the AM or the run wouldn’t have happened either. 

Wednesday – 7.84 miles (speed) 

Speed workout with the Racing Team in the evening. 1000 meter repeats times 6, plus warm up and cool down. Splits were very consistent. Around 7:27 average pace for each 1000 meters. The last rep was the fastest! 7.84 miles total. Really great workout. 

Thursday – Yoga

Thursday’s are supposed to be my rest days and usually they will be, but I had my hour long private yoga session at work, so I couldn’t miss it! Yoga is great for my legs and I’m really going to try to incorporate it more during this training cycle. 

Friday – 5.0 miles 

First “pace” run of training! Did this workout in the AM before work. 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at goal marathon pace, and 1 mile cool down. Three mile splits were 8:10, 8:01, 8:12. My goal marathon pace is right around 8 minute miles and for my “pace” workouts I will aim to keep them between 7:55 and 8:15. I was happy with how this first one went! 

Saturday – Biking + Abs 

Switched my long run with my cross training day this weekend because it was 90 degrees this day. I walked around the city for about 5 hours, then came home and rode the bike for 15 minutes and did a quick ab workout. 

Sunday – 10.0 miles 

Started my day with 10 solo miles at 8:41 average pace. It was really windy, but still better to be running in 70 degrees rather than 90. I ran in my Nike Pegs and “took it easy.” I’m really trying to keep my long runs at an easy pace this cycle. I didn’t eat anything before, had 2 Gatorade chews during, and a coconut water fruit smoothie right after. Really focusing on nutrition for long runs this time around too!

This week went by so quickly. 1 down, 17 to go. Happy to be training again. And for my favorite marathon. 🙂 

Week 1 Total Mileage = 29.09 miles