Race Recap: Soldier Field 10 Miler – May 28th

Talk about a well run race. Organization wise, that it is. The Soldier Field 10 Miler wasn’t a personal well-run race, but I loved the race itself. 

10 miles is always a favorite distance for me and I was excited for this race. Unfortunately, it was about 80 degrees and super humid at the start. And I spent the day before at Wrigley Field and had a few too many beers, so I wasn’t exactly as hydrated as I should have been. 

I forgot to submit proof of time, so I got stuck in corral I. I had wanted to run with my racing team friends, but they were in top corrals and I wasn’t able to sneak up by them. 

I started out at my ideal pace…ran the first two miles at 8 minute pace, but the humidity really got to me. I wasn’t prepared for summer running. So, my pace slowed over the rest of the race. My Garmin died at mile 7 (did I mention I wasn’t prepared well for this race?) so I have no idea how fast my closing miles were, but I felt like I picked it up. 

There were plenty of water stations along the course. It wasn’t over crowded. The mile markers were accurate. The route was laid out well. I honestly don’t have any complaints about the race itself. 

Finishing on Soldier Field is always a cool experience. And I love the medal. Crossed with a time of 1:24:54. 8:30 pace. And right as I crossed the finish line they bumped the course conditions alert level to red. I was happy to be done. 

I got to hangout in the Fleet Feet team tent after the race which was really nice. And my teammates all did really well! I loved having the private area. This made me even more thankful I joined this team. 

Post-race brunch was run too. A free mimosa and a small fiest. Always a good way to celebrate a race. 

I’ll be back next year! And hopefully I’ll be feeling a little faster. 

This race brings my spring racing season to a close and I’m so proud of my performances. A lot of great races and great times. Now it’s time to prep for fall racing season. Ready to put in the hard work this summer and crush my marathon in the fall. 


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