Race Recap: JP Morgan Corporate Challenge – May 26th

This was my first year participating in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge and I’m so glad I did. 

A perk of working at a small company is that I was able to suggest my team participate in this race and hold a few group training runs. I ended up convincing six coworkers to join me and my boss was fully in support of it. 

The race was Thursday evening at 7 PM. And it was a hot one. Who would have thought it would be 85 degrees in May? But everyone was still excited nonetheless. 

We all started in the corral together. I wish that the race organizers had split the corrals into walkers and runners because we all ended up spending most of the time weaving around people. That got pretty frustrating. And the tunnels were not ideal. It was so hot down there and this race had 27,000 runners so it was really crowded. I was worried for a lot of people. 

The most frustrating thing though was seeing how many people cheated. I know this race brings out a lot of people who “don’t run” but you signed up. You’re participating. Walk all you want, but please don’t cheat. I watched at least 100 people cheat a turn-around that probably cut 0.25 miles out of the 3.5 miles race. It just angered me. People saw one person do it and then all followed suit. In my wave I was the only person that went all the way around. That shouldn’t have happened. 

I also ran past a man who was being resessitsted and that shook me up. The next day I saw a news article that said he had passed away. Only 39. So sad. This was a reminder that every day is a gift and we should all try to get the most out of life. 

Everyone on my team crushed the race. I was so proud of them all. They all finished with great times and smiles on their faces. I’m so glad I was able to pull this one off and motivate them to join me. It was a great bonding event and they all did so well. 

I crossed the finish line at 28:54. 8:15 pace. No crazy records for me, but I was happy with it given the heat and the crowds. 

We all celebrated with pizza and beer after the race of course. And we’re already excited for next year. I’m just hoping it’s organized a little bit better in 2017, but overall I did enjoy the race. 

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