Week in Review! 5/16-5/22

What I lacked in workouts last week, I definitely made up for this week! I had a really killer week, so I thought I’d share a little recap. Plus I went to 4 different studios and I’d love to share what my experience was like at each one.

Monday, May 16th 2.50 miles

After work I ran 2.5 easy miles along the lake with some coworkers. We’re gearing up for the Chase Corporate Challenge next week, so I’ve been hosting little group runs on Monday nights. It’s fun to have running buddies!

Tuesday, May 17th 500 Calorie Workout class at Enrgi

The 500 Calorie workout at Enrgi Fitness is a one hour high intensity class. Strength circuits combined with cardio moves. I LOVE these workouts. They push me to the limit, but in a good way. The instructors are welcoming and willing to make modifications for you. They encourage you to push yourself, but tell you that you can take a break if you need it. I always leave the studio feeling sweaty, exhausted, and accomplished. Overall, a really tough, great class.

Wednesday, May 18th7.02 miles speed workout

Wednesday nights are speed workouts with my Fleet Feet Racing Team. This week was a 3 mile progression run. I didn’t exactly progress how I planned, but I didn’t check my watch at all, so I was just running by feel. The workout was a 2.08 mile warm up. 3 mile progression. Mile 1- 7:19. Mile 2- 7:34. Mile 3- 6:48. 1.93 mile cool down. The workout went by so quickly. I really just love to run fast and especially with a team. It ended up being 7.02 miles total at 8:04 average pace!

Thursday, May 19thBooty, Burpee, and Barbells class at Kick@55 + 2.05 miles

This was my first time trying Kick@55 Fitness. I registered for the Booty, Burpee, and Barbells class not really realizing how challenging it would be. This class it NOT good for beginners. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through this class at this time last year. I did get through it, but it was tough. So. many. burpees. They weren’t kidding when they put it in the name. I honestly didn’t really like the vibe of the studio. I didn’t feel welcomed as a newcomer once I was in the room for class. Breaks were not encouraged and I felt the need to really push myself. This was good and I had a good workout, but I didn’t connect with the instructor and a couple things that were said bothered me. I will probably go back and try a second class though. And when I got home from the workout, exhausted, of course my boyfriend wanted to go for a run. I couldn’t say no. So, we went out for 2.05 quick miles to end the evening. I was BEAT.

Friday, May 20thParental Advisory Cycling class at Studio Three

Signed up for this themed ride on a whim with my friend on Thursday. Studio Three cycling classes are my favorites and I couldn’t pass up a dual-taught Parental Advisory themed ride with my favorite instructors even if it was at 5:30 PM on a Friday. The class didn’t disappoint. 500+ calories burned with a smile on my face the whole time. The music was perfect. The instructors were hilarious. It was just really really fun. This studio has been my favorite one I’ve gone to. Great energy, super welcoming, and really fun. The instructors are intense, but friendly and motivating. I haven’t had one bad experience here and I’ve gone to 10+ classes now. It’s fantastic! And this class was a great way to start the weekend.

Saturday, May 21st8 miles

Long run this weekend was 8 miles with Carly. It took a long time for us to get out the door, but by 5:30 PM we finally did. From our apartment front doors it’s about 2 miles for each of us until we run into each other. We met up, then went to the lake path and ran the last 6 miles together. We weren’t feeling our best, but we got through the run and had a little bit of fun. The weather was perfect and we got to run in our favorite city. How could we have a bad time? It’s great to have a running buddy. I wouldn’t have run this day if she hadn’t convinced me to.

Sunday, May 22nd 45 minute cycling class at Equinox + 1.50 miles

My boyfriend and I ran 1.50 miles in the morning to start the day and ended at our favorite coffee place to grab some cold brew. Then I went to Brunch x Burn at Equinox for a spin class. This event was so much fun. A 45 minute Beyonce vs. Jay Z spin class followed by lots of freebies (Quest nutrition, Juice Rx, etc.). All the money from the event went to the Avon breast cancer walk. So happy I was able to make it! Already looking forward to the next one.

Proud of myself for putting in the work this week. My legs are really sore, but I’ll take it easier the next two weeks before I start marathon training. I just really needed a solid week of good sweats and hard work. It’s race week again this week: Solider Field 10 Miler on Saturday and the Corporate Challenge 3.5 Miler on Thursday! Looking forward to the new week. Hope you all have solid workouts!

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