Race Recap: Get Lucky Half Marathon

My March race was Saturday and it was the perfect start to Spring racing season. 


I signed up for the Get Lucky Half Marathon without any real time expectations. I needed a March race and I loved this one from last year, so I figured why not run it again. 

The best part was that I had so many friends running. Having a group to head to the start line with was great. It already made the race more fun than some past races. Plus, I was wearing a tutu, so how could I not be having fun?

The weather was perfect. 48 degrees and cloudy. I still wasn’t going to try and PR, but I turned to Carly at the start line and said, “See you at the end!” And she said “Yeah after you PR!” At that moment I decided well I might as well try. So I covered my watch with my sleeve and ran by feel. 

The miles truly flew by. I wasn’t constantly checking my watch because I decided “what will be, will be.” I didn’t put pressure on myself. And that helped me relax and just run. 

I didn’t have any point in the race that I felt super tired or like I couldn’t keep up my pace. I knew I was cruising, but it felt comfortable. (How cool is that?!) 

Once I passed the 1:40 pace group around mile 8 I knew I was going to PR. My previous PR was at this same race the year before with a time of 1:42:43. Even if I only beat it by a little, I was confident I was going to beat it. 

My last two miles felt effortless. I picked up the pace, but I felt strong. I had to have been running sub 7 minute pace for the last stretch. And I crossed that finish line at 1:38:43. A four minute PR. 

My Garmin was a little short, which bums me out, but it had been accurate with the mile markers all the way to the turn around, so it might have just been my watch. Either way, I’m proud of how I raced. I ran smart, I ran by feel, and I ran my heart out. 

Few things beat that PR finish line feeling. Proud. On top of the world. Happy. 


And I celebrated with post-race green mimosas and beers with my amazing friends. (Who also had awesome races!) 


I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend or race. I guess I get lucky at the Get Lucky. 🍀 


3 months down, 9 to go! 2016 is off to an amazing start. 


3 thoughts on “Race Recap: Get Lucky Half Marathon

  1. Congrats on the huge PR! You’re so speedy!! Looks like a fun time – I’m envying you for those mimosas right now. They look like the perfect way to celebrate a great race 😀

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