I Love December Training

Normally I love December training because it means a lot of snow runs, but this year that isn’t the case. Even though it hasn’t snowed much, I have enjoyed getting to run in shorts a handful of times this month. This isn’t normal, but I’ll take it. 

The real reason I love training in December is because I’m not actually “training” for anything. This year I was “training” since January. This month was the first month that I didn’t have a race to be preparing for. I’ve been able to just run for fun. I am doing the Runner’s World Run Streak so I’ve run at least one mile every day of this month. Most days it has been only a mile, but it still gets me outside to get some fresh air when I normally wouldn’t. These 28 days so far have gone by really quickly. 

I’m just running by feel. How far I want and how fast I want on any given day. And for all of December my runs have been really fast. This is surprising because I’m also doing Kayla Itsine’s BBG program, so I’ve been really sore, but it’s helping my speed. I’m running sub eight minute pace daily with little effort. Even for 8 mile runs. It’s honestly shocking me. I know cross training is important, but doing this program in December always reinforces this for me. BBG helps my speed. I feel more confident. I feel faster. I feel like a better runner. 

Overall this will be a low mileage month. But it will also be the only month of 2015 where I ran every day. I love that. I’m proud of myself for getting out the door every day. A mile is always better than zero miles. And doing BBG and a run streak at the same time isn’t easy. Normally I fall into bad habits around the holidays, but this combination helps keep me on track. Sure, I’m not eating that well. I indulge in the good things I want. But I’m in much better shape for January than I would be without the streak and BBG.

Decemeber helps me fall back in love with running. I run for fun. I get excited to start training again. December is a rejuvenating month and I look forward to it every year. I hope you’re all having a great month as well! Getting excited for an amazing 2016. 

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