2015 Recap!

Wait. This week is the start of 2016? Where did 2015 go? This year flew by and dragged on at the same time. It was definitely the most transitional year of my life. I graduated college. I went backpacking through Europe. I started my real world job. Being 22/ 23 is basically the age of... Continue Reading →

I Love December Training

Normally I love December training because it means a lot of snow runs, but this year that isn't the case. Even though it hasn't snowed much, I have enjoyed getting to run in shorts a handful of times this month. This isn't normal, but I'll take it.  The real reason I love training in December... Continue Reading →

Holiday Season Running Plan

Happy Decemeber! Not sure how it's December already, but I'm ready. In the past, Decemeber was always my lowest mileage month of the year. Around the holidays I lose a lot of motivation because I'm not training for anything.  Last year I found out about the Runner's World Holiday Run Streak and decided it was... Continue Reading →

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