Why I Love to Run

Taking time off from running since my last marathon has reminded me why I love it. I love training, but it does leave me kind of feeling burnt out. I technically had been training since February of this year. All of my runs were “scheduled” and I had a plan to follow, but now I’m finally not training for anything specific. 

I’ve only run 3 times since my marathon on November 8th and two of those runs were only 1 mile. And that’s okay! I needed the break and I wanted to start focusing on cross training by starting Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide program again. And the great thing about getting to miss running is that it reminds me why I love it. So I thought I’d do a Top 10 Reasons I Love to Run. 

  1. It gets me outside. I spend significantly more time outdoors than I ever did before I was a runner. Especially in the Winter. I love that running forces me to get out and get fresh air. 
  2. Gives me time to listen to music/ podcasts. Running for hours at a time means I can have my headphones on for hours. I love using that time to catch up on some favorite artists and podcasts. Plus it makes the miles fly by. 
  3. The runner’s high. Running just makes me feel better. The endorphins are addicting. I love that little high I get at the end of every run. 
  4. It’s alone time. Most of the time. I love having running buddies, but sometimes it’s nice to just be alone with my thoughts. I don’t mind being alone and sometimes I really need the time to think. 
  5. It keeps me fit. I think running is such a great calorie burner. It’s mostly because I love it and the time passes more quickly than any other type of exercising, but still. I love that I can easily burn 500 calories in the morning out of pure enjoyment. 
  6. Gives me goals. I love that I’m always striving to be a better runner. Constantly working towards a goal is motivating. I love that running gives me the opportunity to better myself and see how hard I can work. 
  7. Alleviates stress. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone for a run when I was stressed out and instantly felt better. I’d go crazy if I didn’t have this outlet. Running gets me. 
  8. You get out what you put in. I love that you can’t cheat at running. Running reminds me that you get out exactly what you put in. If you don’t put in the training, you won’t feel great at your race. It’s fair. Running makes you work for it. 
  9. The great community. I love that running helped me find the amazing running community. The motivation from other runners helps so much. I love being reminded that other people are just as crazy about this sport and love to encourage others. It’s awesome. 
  10. It makes me happy. I feel like I am one of my happiest selfs  when running. I literally smile during part of every run. I love that I’m able to run. I wouldn’t be the same person if I didn’t. 

I am blessed to be a runner. I love that I run and I love how it changed me as a person. Sometimes I need to take a step back and remind myself of this. A break can be good, but I can never stay away from running for too long. Planning on starting the Runner’s World 37 day Run Streak on Thursday! 

3 thoughts on “Why I Love to Run

  1. I love running for all these reasons too especially because I’m a very goal driven person and running gives me the opportunity to achieve them. I am also going to do the RW run streak!! Never tried it before but I think I need that little extra push to stay motivated through the holiday season this year 🙂

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  2. I had to take almost two weeks off at the beginning of November because of a leg injury and it ended up being a blessing because I was feeling a little burnt out too. Not being able to run made me realize how much I love to run! I’m tempted to do the run streak but I’m afraid of making my leg injury worse just as it’s getting better! But it does sound fun!

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  3. I took two weeks off after Chicago. Best decision I made all year! I was so worn out before the race but as soon as I took a few days off I was ready to go again. I didn’t let myself hit the pavement because I knew what was best. Enjoy the time off!! You’ll come back stronger and more motivated than ever!!


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